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FuelPak Installation Question.....

the Wizard

Hey guys,

Put on a Thunderheader exhuast and K&N High-flow intake system on my brand new FXSTC. All went well but that damn FuelPak is gonna be a tight fit. And it seems their directions may not be entirely accurate with regard to this brand new model and the fuse block and alarm module.

Anyone with a similar bike have any comments or photos that might help with how to squeeze that FuePak module in?

Thanks Ross
Open up the panel in front of the rear wheel (best done on a lift), two bolts and it lifts off the hooks at the top. It houses the electronics on softails. You should be able to fit it in there if nowhere else. Some units fit under the ECM on the frame, there's just enough to fit it in there.

This is the area in front of the wheel with the panel removed.

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Hi Wizard,

I've just stage 1'ed my 2007 FatBoy and i just couldn't get the damn FuelPak to fit at all and when it was fitted where V&H recomend the seat was right on the joint for the main cable joint.

As a result i got rid of the FuelPak and fitted a Kitec EFI tuner which i think is similar to a PowerCard unit. Fitment no problem.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments. This new medium for getting help is just amazing. I use other forums for my 60s muscle cars, and my new sports cars, my saltwater aquarium, and now my new Harley....very cool.

Anyway, I think I finally figured it out. The directions really aren't very helpful with regard to the little fitment details. I think they have too many variations on the bikes to track. But the FuelPak did seem to be cool in every other way. And I think my fitment came out so well I now feel it is the "definitive solution" if anyone else needs help I could provide details or even pics.

On my 07 Softail Night Train, all i had to do was pull out the battery and remove the plastic tray underneath and that gave me just enough room for the connector (the thing is huge!) and fuel pak to go on top of my battery to fit under my LePera Bare Bones Solo seat. I am not sure if this helps you as my Softail comes with the 200 mm rear tire/swingarm which makes it a little different than yours. It is a tight fit no matter what. Hope this helps.
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When I installed it on my fatty, it was easy to setup until i had to mount it, I had to double wrap it with a dirtbike tire tube so it would not crack the clear case. Super tight fit.:bigsmiley14:
I put one on my '07 FXSTC and it was no problem at all took about 15 min mounted right on top of the ECM. The seat didn't bother it at all.