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    Hey All,
    I'm going to replace the hose that goes from the petcock to the carb. HD wants $23 for this hose, which is about 12 inches long. I think I could get one from a regular supply store for about $2 tops. Does it make a difference if I don't get the HD one?

    BTW this is for a 2001 Sportster XL1200s.

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    As Hobbit says, non-fuel injected bikes use plain bulk reinforced fuel line. But if it has a tight bend, use a "formed" hose by going to an autoparts store to see if they stock one with the tight bend radius to fit... less likely to pinch of fuel if kink occurs when routing hose. In some case, I use fuel injection hose because it is stiffer and less likely to kink.
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    Try Napa double wall fuel hose and new high gear clamps