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Fuel pump top plate


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I recently put a custom paint set on my 06 train and the question I have is this. While reinstalling the fuel pump assembly into the tank I couldn't get the top plate to lay completly flat on the tank no matter how much I adjusted it without applying a small ammount of pressure to it . I replaced the gasket and screw kit with a new one and torqued it to spec . It seems to be fine but it just bothered me that the top plate wouldn't lay flat without pressure. Is this normal ?
Is there a pocket or something the pump assembly sits in? I know the float assembly is in right I could feel it click into place but no matter how much I fudged the pump assembly the top plate just wouldn't lay completly flat. It wanted to stick up about 1/16 inch in the front.
Did you get the assembly to sit full in at the hinge section?

Im not sure what you mean but when I reassembled I got the whole assembly down into the big part of the tank .It just felt like the pump assembly was hitting the bottom of the tank. Could the pressure I had to apply just be compensatong for spring tension on the hinge assembly ? I started the bike and everything seems to be fine.
The assembly has a spring that hinges the float assembly on to the unit itself. Just make sure that it is fully extended and not partially folded at the hinge. That's all I'm saying here about it not fitting. They are tricky sometimes to get them to seat right.
Well I took the fuel pump out again and made sure it was seated fully at the hinge , checked the fuel lines,and made sure everything was as it should be according to the manual. took my time reinstalling it and after many tries and much alighning the little bugger still won't drop the whole way in so the top plate lays completly flat without slight and I do mean slight pressure (about 1/16 high) .So I put all the bolts in and torqued them to spec. Then I pulled the vent line off and hooked another hose to the vent tube on the tank put about 10psi into it and checked around the top plate with soapy water to see if there was a leak. ( I would rather see it bubbling out air now than to fill the tank later and see gas running out on my new paint job ). It didn't leak so I put the dash back on and fired her up to make sure everything was working. I guess only time will tell.