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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nascar7613, Mar 14, 2011.

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    I am looking for the fuel pump fuse on a 1997 road king. I looked behind the right side cover, the only fuses there are spare fuses in a rubber block. There are fuses behind the left side cover, but none are labled as fuel pump. Any help would be appreciated.
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    If memory serves me right there are a couple of fuses on the right side. One's for the ecm and the other is for the fuel pump. If none of the fuses are blown I'd start checking the relays. Service manual can be your best friend......
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    Thanks for the reply 90. There are only 2 spare fuses behind the right side cover. I know it would be best to have a manual, I don't have one. It's the old marelli system, which I'm not very familiar with. Maybe someone on here might have a manual they could look it up in. Thanks again.
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    On my 2000 RKC there is a connection in plain sight under the seat that has two flanges you flare out to break the connection for removing the tank. That is what my manual says to disconnect before starting the bike to release the fuel pressure. It is clearly labeled at least on my bike. Some of this should / could apply to your year.