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    hi, i have a 2010 fatbob with screaming eagle slip-on's and i have the stage on done and computer re maped and i am changing to v & h side shots and i was woundering if a have to do a fuel pack to it i have 3 diffrent harley dealer's telling me diffrent thing can anyone help me thank's
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    I'm sure someone, (probably anyone), with more knowledge than I will chime in and recommend you add a TFI to your upgrade. I have a new Ultra and changed the in-take to a high flow and put V&H slip-ons on. I just ordered the Dolbek TFI and it is coming Saturday. I have noticed my Ultra ran hotter after the exhaust and intake swap.

    I have about 4,000 mile since upgrading. I have restricted my riding to days where temps were below 85 degrees. That hasn't been hard since I live in Maine, but from what I see on the news, impossible much of anywhere else. With discounts my TFI came to around $175 with free shipping. From what I have been told, HD's run fairly lean from the factory. Swapping pipes and intakes only increases the temperature on an already hot engine. Adding a TFI allows you to dial in a richer mixture, lowering engine temp which makes for longer engine life and not feeling so much like your being cooked at red lights.

    There is LITERALLY tons of reading here on different types of TFI's. I picked the Dolbek because it appeared fairly simple to install and I have absolutely no patience for tinkering. You may find a different one more to your liking and what your trying to get out of your bike. Sorry I can't be of more help, but you are at the right place to get the answers you are seeking.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide. Stay safe. :bigsmiley12:
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    Definitely give Chris @ Dobeck Performance a call...you'll be pleased w/their tuner(s) over others. I've owned two & they're one of the best bike mods you can invest in...forum member discount too.