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How and where does Harley get these fuel mileage numbers? They say about 50 mpg. Does anyone get that good of mileage? My WG dont get that .If i start pushing it hard you can almost watch the fuel gauge drop.Just wondering how Harley comes up with their numbers. Maybe rolling down hill.:shock
Hey Dynaguy - On my 07 Heritage I had V&H Bigshot Longs, SE racing tuner and air box installed and I have a mpg high of 43 and a low of 41. I was told some mpg would be sacrificed with these add-ons but I am satisfied with the results.
'07 flhtci w/SE slip-ons K&N filter,Harley Stage 1 map, I am getting about 44+ mpg; really good cause gas just went up to $3.00 /gal.
My 07 RKC usually gets mid to upper 30's but on the highway in 6 th, it will get a bit over 40 with a good tail wind.
I have an 06 Fatboy and useully I get between 43 & 47 mpg.
Just remember that mpg's on bike as with cars are affected
by speed. I did a pretty long ride ride last spring on a very nice
day and didn't have anyreason to rush so I kept it between 50 & 6o mph and when I filled up and checked milage I got 51 mpg.
MPG also depends on the engine/year too. The 07/08 bikes with the 96 aren't too good on gas whereas the earlier years get better MPG. Add a tuner to the mix and it usually drops a bit.
2008 Ultra Classic. I usually average around 35 mpg around town but I did a test recently and filled up fuel tank and went for a 100 mile highway run and had cruise set at 65 which was posted highway speed (but can get you killed as nobody goes that slow) and I refueled bike (used about 2 gallons) so, I estimate around 50 mpg. Maybe thats how they get that figure but really, WHO drives that way? I guess I have too much time on my hands.
Depressing weather here today with snow on ground. I wanna ride!!!:bigsmiley15:
my 05 RKC got 43-47 MPG :smellall highway 70-80 MPH my 07 RKC gets 35-37 MPG:bigsmiley15: all highway 70-80 MPH i would like to try it at 60-65 MPH but i dont want to get rear ended:no