Fuel injection problem

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dsjnix, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Rode our 98 road king classic to moutains yesterday. Bike died at gas station, getting no power. Jump started battery from a car. Rode the bike for about an hour assuming that it would charge back up. However, when tried to start, again no power. So bought new battery for bike and installed. Now bike getting power, but fuel pump is not coming on. Dont hear it start as did before this started and bike will turn over but fuel pump not coming on. is it most likely that jumping the bike off shorted something related to the fuel pump out? Other ideas? Not sure where to start troubleshooting. Have checked all the fuses and they all look good.:(
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    Some times electric components will burn up if there is not sufficent voltage and current running to it during its rating of normal operation. If the fuel pump is designed to operate at "say 11-14 volts" and "2 amps of current" and say your battery, by coincidence, went south, lost a cell or was only putting out 9 volts, then the current would go up, causing heat to the component. Basically if the resistance (the pump and wires to it) remain constant. The voltage goes down from 12 volts normal to 9, then consequently, the amperage or current will increase. The Voltage and Current are inversly proportional. Now basic elect one owe one. Sorry, I rattled on and on. I would recommend find the connections to the fuel pump and place a constant 12 volt high amperage supply to it and see if it comes on. Just click it, don't hook it up tight, cause all you want to see is if it will come on if not, then its obviously been fried. Good Luck

    And welcome to the forum. (from one newbe to another).
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    Welcome to the HDTimeline forum Dsjnx, and your first post. I would look into a little bit more diagnostics. 1) When you turn the ignition on, do you hear the fuel pump relay click first? the sound of the fuel pump stirring should be heard immediately after. 2) Proceed with what you were doing, check relay, fuse, wiring and connections. 3) Do you have a schematic or service manual to help you? The self help secton does have some troubleshooting hints, and simplified schematics will help. BTW your local library can help in a pinch.
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    Also your TSSM controls power to your fuel pump , sometimes if you boost your bike from a car it can burn this out ... Ask me how I know !!! Like a dummy I didn't turn off my car when the bike started....
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    To answer a a question, No, it does not click when switch is turned on. Oddly when the switch is turned off there is a humming sound that was not there before.

    dhorne, what is TSSM control?

    thanks for any tips. We do not have the money to take this to a mechanic at the time. If anyone does know of any good independent HD mechanic in the Marietta, Georgia area, we would love to find one.
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    I ride a 99 road glide, same basic bike. From time to time I'd have strange electronic things happen, fuel pump once. One day it just died on the hwy! I pulled all the fuses, they all looked good and the bike started. Got home, replaced every fuse and used die-electric grease all over the connections...never had another problem in the last 10k miles. Try the simple things first. Bill