Fuel Inj. Calibration Change For 06 (CVO Injectors)

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    You'll find that service bulletin here. Your dealer should have it too.

    Injector swap M1185.pdf

    Dealing with the replacement of the fuel injectors to the CVO type to cure lean problems. Reports of surging while riding would be the symptoms with this upgrade from the 8* injectors to the 25* injectors. A new ECM download will be installed at the time of the upgrade to the 25* injectors.

    The 05 and earlier injectors had higher flow rates than the 06 stock injectors.
    06 are 3.91 grams per second flow rated.
    05 and earlier are 4.35.
    The 25 degree injectors are rated at 4.89 gm/s.

    Or expressed in Lbs. per hour
    `06 8° ---- 31.0 lb/hr
    `05 ------- 34.5 lb/hr
    CVO 25° -- 38.8 lb/hr
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    it's a 4 holes injector on my 2005 electra standard. I can't identify the model number.
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