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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by ultra pearl, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. ultra pearl

    ultra pearl Member

    Here where I live we can only get 87 octane gas(regular), closest supreme is 100kms away.
    What are the results of running 87 octane in my 08 Ultra with stock exhaust?
    Will it make the engine run hotter?, I went for a 60km ride today and when I returned home, the head pipes inside the heat shields were blueish and yellow.
    They weren't like that before I left. But last week I went for a 200km ride on the same 87 octane and the blueing didn't happen.
    I have been adding octane boost when filling up but don't know how much the gas is being upgraded to.
  2. dbinbc

    dbinbc Active Member

    You are going to get the exhaust pipe discolouring no matter what gas you burn. No way around it. As for octane, these engines are designed to run on high test but if you can't get it you have no choice. I think as long as you don't lug the engine it should be fine, keep her running freely. You just won't be getting the power out of her that should be there.
  3. doc_63

    doc_63 Active Member

    There are countless threads on this subject. Just do a search and there will be plenty of reading to do.

    Welcome aboard...:14:
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