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Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by Jonk777, Sep 7, 2014.

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    In my 1990 Fxlr low rider with the fat bob gas tank that doesnt have the divided tank, meaning there is no fuel gauge in the middle of the tank or speedo. What kind of gauge can be used . I need a gauge to calulate the mileage. I dont want to change tanks.It is carberated. Any insight.
  2. HDDon

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    Old fashion way? Fill tank ride 100 miles refill tank, divide 100 by the amount put in.
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    I installed a mileage tracker app on my phone, so if I forget how many miles I've got on a tank, I can just look it up. You can get a gauge cap for the tank(don't know how well they work). A site glass on the side of tank lets you see how much fuel you have. J&P and other places have different kits you can install. For me, knowing the odometer reading at fill up and how far I can go on a tank is good enough.
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    the fuel gauge in the cap is not all that accurate.
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    My Dyna Glide has a gas gauge. I use the trip odometer to know when it's time for gas. Of course you have to hit reserve at least once to know the benchmark mileage.
    There has been several styles of FXR tanks. Is yours the one with the center fill on a console or two caps, one on each side? If it's the two caps, the left one should have been the gas gauge. You could probably adapt a Dyna gauge to it (if there is still a gas gauge wire under the tank).