Fuel Gauge Bouncing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Trek, Sep 20, 2015.

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    I have 2009 Ultra Classic. Just recently the fuel gauge needle has been bouncing like when I take off or accelerate the needle moves to the empty side and when I let off the throttle or brake it moves the other way.At steady speed or idle it shows correct. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm guessing there is a sending unit or something in the tank? Wondering if that it is it or something else.
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    EVERY liquid level sensing system has a sensor (sending unit) of some kind. What I can't answer, and no one else has yet either, is whether the gauge is dampened electronically or by using a thick grease in the meter movement. This is not uncommon and is something that money can fix. How important is this to you? When I have changed my fuel filter I have never noticed any circuit card on the sender unit so I believe any electronics will be in the gauge. To get a new circuit card or a new meter with fresh grease the purchase will be the same.

    I can't remember ever looking at my fuel gauge while accelerating or braking. Usually that is reserved for steady speed and non threatening traffic situations.
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    Harley owners have reported just about every possible malfunction possible with fuel gauges (all models/years). Dealer response is usually "they all do that". If your gauge works and is close to accurate, consider yourself lucky.

    Next time I ride, I'm going to observe mine during acceleration and braking but it does seem normal that it would fluctuate a lot.
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    I just gassed up and noticed my gauge does move just a bit when braking
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    The float on the sending unit pivots/raises pointing forwuhard. As the fuel level drops while riding the the fuel is able to move to the rear of the tank while accelerating and the float will drop. When braking the fuel will move forward in the tank raising the float. There is no compensation or dampening in this application to prevent the fluctuations in the meter. Most cars/trucks have more room in the tank for an inclosed float that restricts gas level fluctuations while cornering, braking or accelerating. If it is working and gas light comes on when it should leave it alone.
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    My fuel gauge does the same thing. It didn't always do it, started around 70,000 miles. I figure there is some sort of dampening feature that wears out in the gauge itself.
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    My fuel gauge started bouncing on my 2007 ultra .i took it out of gas tank and the snap ring that holds the float backed offand the float slid almost off.i just slid it back on and it stayed good another 50,000 miles till i sols the bike.i also found holes that were pin sized in my fuel line and relaced that also.