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fuel crossover leak?

Big Dot

I've had an 03 FI softail for a couple of months. A week ago I filled the tank and rode a couple of miles home. Maybe an hour later I left going up a steep grade (100 yards) when I reached the top I noticed a fuel leak seemingly from the crossover line under the front of the tank. I tightened the line clamps and thought the problem was solved. Yesterday it happened again. Am I missing some type of overflow line that should route to the ground?
The overflow line comes from the filler neck, if it's leaking from the crossover line, you may want to replace the line and new clamps.
As the rubber in those hoses ages it breaks down. You should have seen the one I took off my fxrs. It was the consistency of one of those sticky hand things from the little vending machines. I think the gas sitting in it for 10 years turned it to jello.