Frustration: From Clean to Cluttered

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Sharky1948, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Sharky1948

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    My '09 FLHR has come together nicely with chrome controls, braided lines, internally wired bar, Renegade wheels, 103", MoFlo, and Rineharts.

    Now I'm faced with needing to put on a GPS and CB, given the amount of touring and ride leading I'm doing.

    My frustration is now I will have these big "appendages" on the bars and all the black wiring associated. I've thought about adding connectors so that I can unplug and remove the two units when I'm not using them. But, it's a pain since any decent mounting system will require wrenching to remove the devices. I guess I just need to "get over it". But, I sure would like to maintain the clean lines I've achieved so far.

    Am I missing any options? (I don't want to add a removable fairing at this point.)

  2. Mainah

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    Check "Ram Mounts" they are available from many vendors and can be removed easily with no tools leaving only a round knob on the bike. Most of parts are black but they make a chrome base for the handlebars. Cycle Gadgets has a good selection of the mounts.

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    One other thing to consider, many plug in power devices are set up for USB plug-in charger commonly used on modern computers. You may want to set up a USB "power hub" setup for multiple plug and play devices. Just an idea I was bouncing around, when wiring my cigar/accessory plug on my Sporty. Might ask a "guy" at the computer store, as I am sure the automotive crowd has already run into this multi-media device power problem already.:s