Front wheel size exchange

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by KING01, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. KING01

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    I have an 01 roadking with stock 16 inch wheels. I need new rims and tires. Thinking about replacing the front with a 21 inch 80 spoke. I know with the 21 inch rim, the tire is smaller, but it will still be taller than the stock wheel/tire combo. Will i need to lower the front legs to get the bike even height? Thanks in advance.:d
  2. aces82

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    I'm running a 21/18 combo on my 09 Street Glide. I had to adjust the front fender a tad. I didn't lower the front, and the ride is fine. Two other guys i ride with have 21's on their touring bikes, neither have lowered theirs.
  3. Scrounger

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    I know you can get away without lowering it, BUT, it will improve the handling if you do lower it to get the ride height back in order. It all depends on what you consider good handling. I rode two Ultra's back to back with one being lowered and the other not. It was very noticeable for me.
  4. dboone

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    I installed RC components 18" wheels on my 07 street glide. The front is a 3.5" wide wheel with a 130-70 tire, ended up with a better looking wheel with the same overall height as stock 16 front wheel. On the rear I put a 4.25" wide wheel with a 150-80 and it looks so much better. I think the bike handles better than stock. It seams to be a little stiffer when cornering.