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Front Wheel Chrome Dome


I have a ST Heritage that has tht chrome dome on the front rim. Its loose, with a lot of slop. Its causing some noise going down the road. Can I cut the thing off with tin snips or do I have to disassemble the front end and replace it with a spacer?
I would pull the wheel. I believe there is a plate that bolts to the hub that it mounts to.
I have that on my 08, went out in the shop and checked it, it spins free from the wheel/rim. Not sure if that is correct but cant say i have heard any noise coming from it.
mine will spin by its self for a while and lots of slop. Ive seen where some have removed theirs. What happens is when I get ver 45 MPH, it starts to flop around and send a vibration and harmonic noise that i can hear. everything else is tight. No Bearing play. I think Ill take it in to the shop. Just in case.