Front rotor is'nt round ?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by riverman, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. riverman

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    So I had the bike (2010 fxdc) up on the lift for the first time today for a quick clean.While spinning the front wheel I noticed the brake rotor is out of round by 1/4 inch.I was wondering if anyone has come across this before,I can't imagine this would help wheel balance especially at higher speeds.Anyway it's due for it's first service in the near future so i'll bring it up then.I can't wait to here the dealer trying to explain how there all like that,anyway that's how there designed and it's within the moco specs.
  2. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I've been having problems with my rotors warping, have replaced one and I think another needs replacing now... At .008 out they won't replace but at .012 they will... Not sure what the actual spec for replacing is...