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Front pipe cherry red


I have a "96 evo with 12000 miles that had a base gasket leak, so while I had it torn down I milled the heads to 9.5 to 1 compresion, changed stock air cleaner to a Big sucker, it already had an Andrews EV46 cam and I have a new exhaust system for it but am waiting to put it on until after this problem is over.
I set the timing at 20 degree like my HD service manual says.
When I start it up with my old stock exhaust, the exhaust coming out of the front cylinder isn't hot. Barely warm. I watched in the dark to see if my plug wire was arching somewhere. Thats when I saw my front pipe up by the head was cherry red.
What could be my problem.
Any Ideas would be appreciated

What pushrods are you using, and how are they adjusted. Don't say they are the stock ones now.

But you say " the exhaust coming out of the front cylinder isn't hot" but the pipe is glowing red? :31:
I have Andrews easy install pushrods. i adjusted them from the instuctions on thier website. Turned them out until tight then 4 turns while on the lowest part of the cam. Oh, i added a cv recalibration kit to the carb.
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I would take a compression test on both cylinders to see if you are loosing compression through the valve in the front cylinder, and double check the adjustments on the pushrods.

Are you sure you used the right timing mark on the flywheel?
I will do the compression test and check the push rods tomarrow evening. The book says "Front cylinder advance timing mark (1995 HDI, 1996 all models) " and shows 2 dots in the timing inspection hole.
Double check that timing info, If memory would kick in here (been a looooong time since timing an evo), I believe there are 2 sets of marks on the flywheel.
I just checked my 95 HD manual
1 dot = front cylinder advance timing mark
2 dot = HDI front cylinder advance timing mark(except Swiss)

Not 100% sure:
1 dot implies Domestic and Swiss
Range TDC-35 BTDC
650-1500 35 BTDC

2 dot = HDI(execept Swiss)
Range TDC-30 BTDC
650-1500 20 BTDC

Its also says in bold letters that V.O.E.S must be functional or 2 much spark advance will occur.
Been over 20 years since I timed an evo but check out the mark to see if it is the LIMIT at a specified RPM where full advance would be in (as in total advance when it shows in the timing hole ) or is it used to set the timing at a lower speed as in idle. This is where the problem may be.

Just can't get the brain to remember right now, may flash back before the day is over.

Ok, here's some info. If I waited to remember, I'd be too old to type :D

Setting Ignition Timing on your Harley
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Well, i put the pipes back on, checked the compression ( 1st stroke was 90, 7th was 150 on both cylinders ) then set timing to 35 degs ( 1 dot on flywheel ). ran really rough . not good. put it back to 20 degs ran smoother. didn't run long enough to let pipe turn red.
I know - Motorcycle Performance Information shows the 20 deg mark and says do not use but my " 1995-1996 Official Factory Manual Service Manual " says Front cylinder advance timing mark (1995 HDI, 1996 all models) " and shows 2 dots in the timing inspection hole. There are 2 scribed marks - 1 on the sensor plate and 1 on the inside of the nose cone and when they are lined up the 20 degree mark is in the window.