Front Master Cylinder

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    Gently layed down my 1995 sportster on right side, did not drop the bike. Noticed crimp in brake line and when I squeezed brake lever fluid squirted out of what I assumed was the crimped part of the line. Replaced brake line and now when I press the brake I get no resistance at all as if it is not working at all....however, I tried pumping the brake to see if the fluid would run down into the actual brake and it does so I assume the line itself is ok. Could I have damaged the master cylinder with a gentle drop (was not riding the bike was trying to push out of hole in my yard:( and lost balance and dropped the bike. Not sure how to tell what the problem is at this point but fear master cylinder must be the issue but I can't imagine causing that kind of damage.

    P.S. Lady rider!
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