Front Master Cylinder Cover eroding from DOT 4

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lone wolf in canada, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I have an 08 Electra Glide Classic.
    I noticed at the start of this season it appeared wet around the contact area of the front master cylinder reservoir and the lid where they seal together.
    The lid screws were tight. I tried to wipe it but it doesn't dry up, it just looks like a wet line around the edge of the opening. The lid had corrosive little bumps around the front (facing you) area.
    No DOT 4 fluid ever went on the bike paint, no fluid was ever seen actually leaking, but it never dried up.
    The HD replacemnt OEM cap is $60.00 in Canada. Chrome is about $100.00.
    I bought a Drag Specialty replacement chrome cap for $35.00 and it fits perfect.
    When I bought it from a non HD dealer but carries all HD parts I told him what happened and he said "Oh that DOT 4 brake fluid will eat through anything, don't get it on your paint or it will ruin the finish, (I knew that from the dealer telling me this when I bought it) those lids are replaced all the time because of that. You need DOT 4 for the ABS brakes"
    I just thought I'd pass this on so others can keep an eye on it.
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    Ya....That dot 4 from what I here will eat paint.....Didnt no it eat chrome.....Oh ....By the way..Your Grandfather was a lucky man...
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    I replaced the rubber gasket. Costs about $5. Stopped the leak/seep from under the cap. Funny had to order the gaskets. I visited 2 different dealers and neither had them. Brake fluid is very corosive so fix the leak before it causes damage.
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    Always follow the recommended torque on the cover screws. It's a very low torque and over tightening the screws does distort the gasket and cause it to leak which causes other problems. The correct torque almost feels too loose if you check it so don't re-tighten the screws.
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    Check with the Dealer, my 07 had a recall for the Master cover:s
  6. Thanks everyone.
    I never knew there was a torque spec for the master cylinder cap.
    I tightned it down until the screws were firm but not stupid tight and I don't see any uneveness around the cap.
    I've gone 1000 kms with it and no signs of leakage of course if it's too tight now it's too late.
    I'll call Barrie Harley and see if there is a recall on this.