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How do I stop the front indicators staying on all the time, I am importing a 2007 Deuce from the USA and have to stop the front indicators from staying on as driving lights to get it thru the SVA test, I have to change the headlight and add a reflector to the rear is there any thing Els I have to do ??

Looking forward to riding my Deuce,

Thanks Bucket.:hii

PS hope this is ok it's my first post !!
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Your question is an easy one. Inside the light there is three wires. The blue is the running light, the purple is the blinker and the black is the ground. Just disconnect the blue wire in each front light and you should be fine. I would try to remove the wire at the furthest point from the light by removing the pin terminal at the plug rather than cutting it just in case you should decide to reuse the running light feature for something else like I did by using the lights as supplemental REAR running and brake lights.
Thanks Glider, Sorry I put it the wrong place & thanks for the reply, the Deuce is still swimming at the moment so when I get it I will try that, Thanks Bucket.