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Hello im tony and im new at this, 07 nightrain--Having a problemwith a little shimmy in the front forks when letting off the gas. has anybody had the same problem AND IF SO WHAT IS IT

Letting off the gas with a shimmy is very strange.
Things to check are steering head bearings for one , if you have spokes, check for tightness, you should be able to take a screwdriver handle or the like and tap the spokes all around the wheel and hear them "ring" like a note. If you hear a dull thud, it's probably loose then. Check to see if you lost a wheel weight by the mark on the spoke nipple where the crimp on from the factory are mounted.
Hard to say just what it is over the internet but being an 07, they dealer should be taking care of it.
thanks,dealer is trying to find out with a hd rep. but not quick enough for me. but i will look into all of them. i htought it would be the neck bearing at first,they tightend it up to specs three times and it got better every time ecept the last time and it is just not good for a 07.
If it got better when they tightened it up in the past, maybe they don't know what they are doing which wouldn't surprise me at all.

I took my 07 in because of the clunking in the front end ( neck bearings), they kept it for about 2 hours and when I got it back it was no different. I called and spoke to the service manager and it seems that his helper deleted my work order a few minutes after I brought it in. Brought it home and did it myself, then you know it's done and done right too.

You may want to take a look here if they can't find the problem.