Front fender woes...

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  1. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I'm DONE with pledge! Just kidding but the pledge can did my front fender in. A tree fell during a recent storm, hit the corner of the roof which rattled the pledge can off the shelf and onto my front fender. It made a perfect "C" on the top of the fender near the right side from the can landing bottom first. $632 for a painted replacement from HD. Anybody have any other ideas? Will an aftermarket work and from who? How difficult is it for a shop to spray merlot sunglo?
  2. Breeze3at

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    My "idea" is a bit too late for you. I always keep an old throw rug over my front fender(s) when in the garage. It's amazing how many things have a penchant for scratching and dinging our paint.
  3. turnerbend

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    I feel your pain.......
  4. Amish Hawg

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    Makes you wanna spit dont it? My FIRST day with my RKC, a 1978 Ford Pickup, parked in my garage, decided to pop gear and roll back out of the garage. Only to be stopped by a 2003 RKC's front end. and I watched it all.

    My paint is Root Beer Brown with Metalic Flake, so I was ready to sell kids to fix it ( joke). I got on Craigslist, found a front fender for 50 bucks. It was gloss black. I took it to a buddy that does custom paint - total - $150. It took 3 days. What I'm saying is - Hit Craigslist.

    It was all my fault - I didnt set the brake.....thankfully, the bike stayed up.
  5. horizonchaser

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    FWIW, every bike that I have ever owned, and i have had five of them, has had some kind of a dent or gash on the gas tank. :( Either I dropped a helmet on it or I bought it used that way. My current bike is the only one that doesn't have a mark, ding, or dent on the tank. Which is not to say that I don't have scratches or dings on other places on the bike because I do but at least the are out of sight when I sit on the bike! :p
    Bummer that freak accident like that had to happen to you.
  6. Iceman24

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    Any good painter can match colors so's not visible to the eye when trying to find imperfections. My older brother has this talent. He used to fix/paint old farm trucks that sat in sun for many years, but he could paint & match parts so you couldn't see where he did the fix. Spendy pledge story, but maybe time to add some "flair" to the tins...??
  7. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I like the idea of adding a little "flair" to my fender! Anybody have custom front fenders on their FL? Can we see some pics?
  8. BikeSAG

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    I do the same. I always cover the front fender. It is just is out there like a magnet.
  9. Hoople

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    I would take a ride over to an automotive paint supply just to inquire & see if the paint is available by paint number code like automotive paints are. If it is a 2 stage paint that someone such as PPG makes, I would say you have it made.
    I would base the complexity of the entire job (if you plan on re-painting) on if the paint is available by paint code from someone other than HD.

    A buddy of mine had a Kawasaki 750 that had a similar scratch. Come to find out there is tinted primer, 3 transparent base coats plus a clear coat to the paint build. So you just never know until you go to a paint supplier.
  10. fin_676

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    I got a nice pair of tanks for my softail earlier this year and took the tanks with a pair of fenders to the paint shop at my local ford dealer they were able to match the paint and pinstripes without a problem if the fenders are off a wee shade from the tanks they would be too far away from each other to see the difference
    so any good paint shop should be able to get a near perfect match for colour