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    Can any one tell me the torque spec's for the front axle nut, brake caliper bolts, and the lower pinch nut on the right fork on a 2006 ultra classic.
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    I am sure that is listed in your factory service manual. If you have not picked one up yet, it is a valuable part of your toolbox and will save you some day from doing something you shouldn't. I have an '03 UC, and can give you the torque values for those things from my manual later when I get home as a reference. However, those are torques for MY bike.

    Here are the torques (ft-lbs) for MY BIKES ('03 UC and '91 Dyna) straight out of the service manuals:

    Part of bike: UC, Dyna
    Axle: 50-55, 50-55
    Pinch bolts/nuts: 11-15, 21-27
    Caliper mtg: 28-38, 20-25

    Remember, these are only references. You do need to check YOUR bike's service manual for the particulars of that bike.

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