Front End Differences?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by tunes, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Should there be a big difference in feel between a softail and tourer? I have an older softail 45k and always felt fine until I bought a new streetglide this past summer. Now when I ride the softail it feels like steering is very stiff, almost locked in center position. It tracks straight and true just feels sluggish?
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    Agree with Hobbit..Id also check the neck bearings with that many miles.This can be done by putting the bike on a bike jack and moving the front end side to side.A flat spot in the center means its overdue.Nice to have tunes......
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    I went from a Softail to the RK and there are differences in the front end as far as the rake angle for one that will make the softail feel like it wants to track straight compared to the touring bikes that feel like they handle much better. On the softails the steering head is behind the tree and on the touring bikes it's ahead of the tree like it is reversed and that's why the touring bikes feel like they handle so much better than the rest of the lineup.

    What you are feeling is completely normal barring any mechanical problems.
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    "Feel" is different to everyone, Gliders probably right about it being normal, but if I were you and unsure about the softail I'd put her up on a lift and check the fall away and go from there.
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    If it's a softail custom with a 34 degree rake, there'd be a HUGE difference in feel compared to an FLH with a 26 degree rake.