front cylinder not firing after wrenching

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    HI , 2001 Fatty non EFI . Electrical system was fine until i pulled the oil tank to do some other stuff in the primary.. Month or two back i fitted a smart alarm and noticed there was a aftermarket alarm zip tied to the rear inner guard and plugged into the big orange connector in the battery box ( i assume cause it has no HD numbers and the fob was not genuine) Anyway i left it on there it wasnt working anyway and just plugged my new TSSM and siren in to the bike and all was fine. Fast foward to now. When removing the oil tank to do some work on the inner primary i decided to remove the old alarm. Big orange connector at the rear of the battery unplugged it and pulled it and siren off bike. Put bike back together and now it wont run without the old alarm at all, When i plug it back in the bike runs but the front cyclnder is not firing at all. Not sure why the old alarm is needed but figure maybe it is needed to join a circuit or something.Sorry for the long winded story but i thought it best to set out where it started from. Now the question. Bike was running fine on 2 cylinders with old alarm connected . now it runs on one. Checked all connections and all seems good. Is there any connectors /wires i might have upset when removing oil tank etc apart from the main ones i have checked already. Hard to see behind the oil tank of course and i hate removing that (EDIT) .Engine light comes on ( duh) to tell me i am running on one cylinder i guess, but can someone tell me how to access and check codes in case its a unrelated coincidence. Only other thing i did was remove stator and have a look at it but cant see what that would do .Any advice is much appreciated. I hate having to take a job i have started to the dealer or auto elec and looking stupid cause i cant get it back together. Other areas i would have been wrenching in were starter motor , rear pipe removal, and the electricl panel. coil, plug leads all fine.

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    Strange, always goes back to the last thing you did. The alarm must be wired to cut off 1 cylinder. I would get an owners manual and electrical manual and start over even if it meant buying a new harness, then you would be done with the gremlins JMO:s