Front brake Lever Loose

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by NYHarley, Feb 28, 2012.

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    07 Night Train, front brake lever is very loose, just wiggling the lever or vibration from riding activates the brake light. What can I do to fix this issue?
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    Could be a broken brake light switch or a bad master cylinder also, have you had the lever off recently or done any work to the switch housings? Harley Davidson Community have a look here
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    Jack beat me to it. Those brake switches in the hand control are downright tiny and fragile. Before opening, or especially reassembling the control housing, you MUST use a spacer to space the hand lever a bit in the 'actuate' direction, so the button on the switch is cleared, or you will most times break or damage the switch.

    It's real irritating when riding behind someone, in pack formation, that has a brake light coming on randomly due to damage, as descibed above...kinda dangerous too.

    Rich P
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    Just recently worked on a Dyna with the same problem. Told the guy pretty much what has been said here. Before taking anything apart or rebuilding the master cylinder, we just gave it a real GOOD flushing with brake fluid hoping to clean out junk in the master cylinder that may have been keeping the plunger/spring assembly in the master from coming out all the way to hold the lever in the correct position. We did manage to get a lot of trash out of the system and it has been working good so far.