Front brake drag

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by scrinch, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. scrinch

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    Had a very annoying grish grish grish sound from the front brake so cleaned the pistons, and pins and put them back on. (glad I did as a couple of pistons were hanging up) The noise was the same after putting them back together so I checked the run out and torque on disc (ok) and axel alignment. It was out slightly but now I have a steady very slight drag on the brakes wisssssshhh all the time. Is this usual?
  2. glider

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    The pads never fully retract and will give you a slight noise even when new.

    It's the wish,wish that indicates a warped rotor.
  3. scrinch

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    Thanks Glider for all the info. I am just an old dude trying to learn mechanics after never being a grease monkey before. Can't afford to send it out and do enjoy the tinkering on the bike. Learn something new every time.

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    Ahh...such is the way of "single action" brake calipers that rely on the no fluid pressure and the slight runout of the rotor to "gently" retract the *swish* at a time. The sound and slight drag is normal.

    When on the road, the whole wheel and fork assembly flexes and jounces, nudging the brake pads, retracting the pistons in the floating caliper even more. Make sure to lube the lightly with high temperature grease.

    Yeah, Yeah, not very elegant but this original disk brake system has not changed much since their inception..."--they all do that..." :lolrolling