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Front and rear brakes by the rear brake pedal


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I am in the prcess of converting my 04 883 sportster into a bobber. I am trying to remove all controls from the handlebars and am looking for information to control the front and rear brakes by the rear brake pedal. Any ideas.

My old 1984 (and now 1996) Goldwing has 'linked' brakes. The foot pedal engages the back and one front brake. The handle bar lever controls the other front brake. Works well. I don't know how it could be adapted to your situation but seeing the things I have seen on Monster Garage.

I don't see them as a curse. I have skidded my sportys rear tire many more times than I have ever on a Goldwing. I do know that being able to control each tire individually has it's pluses also. All in all I have nothing but good to say about my Goldwings brakes and skidding the sportster can be fun at times.


I wouldn't do it,Your front brakes are far too important to start jacking with them. Especially to the extent to remove the control completely.

And don't some states require that the brake light be separately controllable by the front lever as well as the foot lever?
I wouldn't think that if you combined them into the one lever with some sort of proportioning valve it would be against the law. A car has one brake lever controlling both. I have been contemplating doing this to mine also. It seems that you could keep the front brakes if you put a proportioning valve that would split up the fluid into the proper percentages to front and rear. I'm not real sure if you would need a larger resevoir for the brake fluid though. Please let me know what you find out.