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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Nezzie1340, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Hi guys, my name is Vic and I'm new here. I don't own a Harley(yet) but I'm putting together a mixed Harley bike for a friend that he picked up. It's based on a soft tail heavily modified frame. I have no experience with these machines so I guess I'll be leaning on you guys heavily for the next little while to give me some help. Hope that's okay. Lol. The engine is an older S&S super stock with Super E carb Etc. The clutch came in pieces in a cardboard box and I have a new clutch hub and a bunch of new parts to go in and just wanted to know if five friction discs and four steel plates is the correct number I need. One steel is an anti rattle plate ?? It has three ball bearings in holders around the outside. What position in the clutch pack does it sit? Any help you can give me is appreciated. Trying to get parts for this thing is difficult as on the ownership it's classed as a modified bike. It's a Harley but nowhere on the title does it say that. Thanks in advance. Vic. :D
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    Welcome! The number of plates is correct. Usually all the steels are anti-rattle. But you can inter-mix them. Sounds like you are building an older style drive system. How many finger does the basket have?

    I'm gonna move this over the clutch section.

    Again Welcome!
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    Id like to welcome you the the forum nezzie..:)
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    Welcome to The Forum, have a look here if this is not your clutch set up we can find you a more current set up
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    Thanks for the help guys. time to do some reading. You guys rule!!:D
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    The steel plates usually has the word OUT stamped on it also. Some after market plates don't.
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    It's alive! :D The only thing is that the starter shifter that moves the starter gear forward is hanging up every now and again. I think it's catching inside the cover. It's got a new solenoid and starter drive gear but I noticed it was stiff to move by hand. I suppose I should have replaced it with everything else. This thing has no relay to go wrong, just bare bones wiring right now and starts by pushing a button mounted near the coil pack. If I push the starter and it clicks and I hold and tap the cover with a rubber mallet it drops in and cranks. Anyone out there any good with serial numbers. The engine is an S&S super stock with T0792 stamped on the front cylinder on the left side near the primary cover. I contacted S&S and they were no help so If anyone out there can help I would appreciate it. Might make ordering parts easier. Thanks for the help guys, I couldn't have done this without your assistance. All ya rule!!!! Vic. :D