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Frame touch up?

I had the misfortune to ease over a steep speed bump, high enough that the bottom of the scoot hit and scrapped. Changing the oil the other day, noticed it rubbed the paint off and the first signs of rust starting. Never had a brand new (well it's not new now) scoot before, plan on riding it til the wheels fall off and i want to make sure that day is a long way off. I don't know much about body work...just sand it and repaint?? the spot is about the size of a quarter on the bottom of the frame. It would seem to me that dings and scraps would be common occurence. Suggestions for preventative mainenance?
The frames are powder coated. You can smooth the scrape out with some 400 wet or dry sandpaper that should remove the rust too. After that,a touch of primer and then you can use a black spray enamel to spray the sanded area but cover up anything behind where you are spraying. Light coats until you get coverage and then one final gloss cote a little heavier for the shine.

If you want, use Rustolium black spray and forget the primer.