Four way flasher issues...

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  1. Papa_Ed

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    I just purchased a 2013 FLHTC and immediately added the Kuryakyn run/turn/brake module for greater visibility. Noted the quick flashing turn signals as a result, which was corrected by the addition of the second equalizer. Now, if I turn the four way flashers on they work only if the ignition is on, in accessory or off mode only the front signals continue to work. I thought the larger load equalizer would fix the issue, bit no joy. I wrote Kuryakyn tech support, but apparently they have no answer either, as I received no response.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? They work properly if the Kury module is removed.

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
  2. tourbox

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    Seems to me they,Kury., had a little stick for lack of terms that plugged in one end of their controller or the other. Which end depended on what you wanted it to do or some thing like that. You may want to re-check their instructions.
  3. Papa_Ed

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    I think that the "stick" you refer to is the "flasher" or "steady" option selector. It is by itself in one end and the other end (presently) has two load equalizes plugged in. A single load equalizer produced a rapid flash such as a four wheeler produces when a bulb is burned out.
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    I think that kuryakyn states in the installation instructions that the 4 ways won't work with the module installed
  5. gusotto

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    Have the same unit on my '02 Sportster and '07 Ultra.
    4-way flashers work fine and I've never added any equalizer to either bike.

    Had to replace the unit on the Ultra when it developed a case crack. One light wasn't very bright. It just got old....

    Have a buddy with the same unit?
    Swap and see if the trouble changes.