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Found this on Hyperchargers.

I found this site and article on Hyperchargers. I don't know how accurate it is but it seems to make sense.

Kuryakyn Hyper-Chargers

First I am not an advocate of hyperchargers. I had one on a bike for a while cause it came with it and I eventually replaced it. The one thing that bothers me about all the threads I've read in different forums is they all seem to refer to the link above as the definitive answer on thier usability. The guy who wrote it has some things wrong. While it is true that the butterflies operate on vacum they DO NOT close at lower vacum pressure (as in excelerating) they in fact OPEN. Case in point... Look at one with engine turned off (no vacum) butterflies wide open... Look at one at idle (high vacum) butterflies closed. Whether you have one or not or like them or not just wanted the record to be accurate about their function. in the pic below is my old springer if you look close you will see with engine off the butterflies are wide open.

the new HC's have the butterflies closed when on the throttle, unlike the old one i had in 2002 which had the butterflies open when on the throttle, do not ask me why i do not know, maybe to stop the ram air effect, all i know is i will not waste money on this item ever again

hehe I agree with you there I don't like em either and din't know they had changed them. I just know in my own personal experience they operate the exact opposite of the article in the link.
IMO any unit that has butterflies on it and they are closed anytime the motor is running can't be very effective performance wise even with the additional slits in the bottom of the case. A stage 1 has it beat hands down.