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    I have an 07 FXD and was wonder if any one know how to do this upgrade. I would like to do this myself if possible and how much it would cost?

    Are there any web sites with step by step instructions?


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    Two and a half years ago, I was asking the same question. I desperately wanted forwards, but had no experience doing any work on my Harley and was scared to get a wrench anywhere near it.

    You have several options to chose from to purchase your forwards. Of these, the most popular options are between the Harley forwards or Kuryakyn.

    The thing which complicates the forward control install on the Dynas is the mid control shifter shaft which runs through the primary. In order to remove it intact, you must remove the inner and out primary covers. Most elect to either leave the shifter shaft in place, or cut it so it can be removed.

    The Kuryakyn Forwards are the easiest to install because you can leave the mid control shifter shaft in place, install the forwards, and use a supplied decorative chrome cap to cover the remaining shifter shaft.

    The Harley forwards do not seem as easy at first glimpse. When you open the box and read the instruction sheet, it will refer you to the service manual for steps to remove the outer and inner primary covers. This is very intimidating. Many guys have found ways around these complicated steps which can make for an easy install of the Harley forwards, even for a novice wrencher.

    You can install the Harley forwards and still leave in the mid control shifter shaft in place. A decorative cover for the shaft is available. You can also remove the shifter shaft without removing the primary covers. This requires cutting the shifter shaft. I selected this method for my install and it went great.

    Here is a link from the self help section which will provide you a lot of info.

    Dyna Forward Controlls - Archive - Harley Davidson Community

    You can go to Kuryakyn's website to view their forwards. They offer installation instructions on the site in pdf.

    Feel free to ask any questions and hope this helps.
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    I put the hd forwards on my 2007 lowrider. Put the bike on my bike jack and laid a pillow on the jack to make it a little easier on the brain pan. Took a good hack saw blade and taped about 3" of it to protect my fingers. Push the shifter shaft in towards the motor as far as it will go and start sawing the shaft in two. Be patient! do a little at a time until you get it cut. Becareful not to let the saw blade get against the motor case be cause it will scratch the (EDITED) out of it. Once you have sawn thru the shaft, pull it out and remove the remainder with the lever from between the inner primary and the motor. The biggest problem I had was breaking the 1/4" allen bolt loose to get the shifter rod off of the tranny. You want to do this first before sawing. After removal of the old stuff the rest is easy, just follow the instructions in the new kit.

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