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Forward control extensions, seII slipons or shortshots?


Hi im new to the form and relatively new to the sporster (bought it in aug of 07). Anyway does anybody make forward control extensions for this bike (04 xl1200)? Also when I bought the bike the dealer told me it had a stage I screaming eagle kit on it, what does that consist of besides some crome? The bike has what im assuming are screaming eagle II slipons on it, I really like the V&H shortshots would I be money ahead to get some or would i be better off sticking with the se's.

Yea sorry it is the C. Im pretty sure it has the one in the bottom picture but I'll have to check for sure. The bike only had 2600 miles on it when I bought it and everything was dealer installed. It runs really good, strong acceleration with no dead spots and will run circles around my buddy's 03 XL1200C. As far as the SE II slip ons go should I keep those or would I be happier with the short shots? The se's are kinda quiet for me, sound good but kinda quiet, but they do still have the baffles in them. If i was to switch to the short shots would I need to rejet? I kinda hate to mess with it since it runs so good.
sounds like im gonna get a set of short shots. I suppose I'll have to pull the carb apart and see what jets it has in it. thanks for your help. I may just take it to the dyno and let them get it spot on.
You'll probably find a #42 in there as the low jet on stock motors and should be upped to a 45. The top end should be a #175 or 180 and are usually OK as is.