Formula + In The Transmission?

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    On the recommendation of the HD service department, I put Formula + in my transmission about 500 miles ago at the initial 1000 mile service. This is my first HD so I'm in full learning mode. The bike is a 2013 FLHTK AE. Based on my reading the preferred transmission oiled is the Spectro 6 Speed 75/140.

    Should I drain the Formula + from the transmission and switch it to the Spectro or let it ride until the 5000 mile mark? Thanks for your assistance and the recommendations you posted on the site!

    Mike Williams
    Wichita, KS
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    Re: Oil Suggestions For Harleys

    I can't believe the dealer told you you to put Formula+ in the tranny. Thats made for the primary. Most dealers will tell you the Syn3 is ok for the tranny, but thats motor oil and I wouldnt use it in my tranny. I'd get that stuff out of there asap and put in some Redline Shockproof Heavy or Spectro GL-5. Once you get the proper lube in there, you don't need to change it again until the 20K mark. I've got the same bike and I use Mobil 1 V-Twin full syn in the motor, Formula+ in the primary, and the Redline in the tranny. You won't go wrong with that combination or the Spectro in the tranny. And to avoid a big debate again, Amsoil is good too :p
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    Thanks for the advice... I figured he knew what he was talking about and the bottle said it was for transmission and primary use so I went with it. I just ordered a bottle of Red Line from Jegs. I'll switch it out as soon as it arrives.

    I'm curious what was in the tranny from the factory. Looked like motor oil when I drained it,
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    The Formula + will be fine in the trans until 5K miles (or 20K miles). Like you said it IS labeled for transmissions. It's not the preferred, by forum members, but lots of people that don't read forums use it. The factory puts motor oil in at assembly.
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    Re: Oil Suggestions For Harleys

    Fine for tranny, not the best, but not gonna hurt anything.:wall
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    Re: Oil Suggestions For Harleys

    The Formula+ must have whatever the MOCO requires to keep the bike under warranty. There are many members that have great success with other products and would not use anything else. My dealer carries Amsoil products and I use the severe gear with good results. I have also used Redline products and I really like the Spectro line, but I have a hard time finding them in my area. We have many members that will give you their advice on different products, I don't think anyone on the forum would try to steer you wrong. Try some different products and see what works best for you. Let us know what you think and maybe your experience will help others. That's what the forum is all about.
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    Formula + is OK in the tranny, alot of dealers are now using this to quiet down the noise complaints by some riders. There are better lubes out there IMO, have a look at the tranny oil threads here and good luck:s
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    I would not throw the formula + away as it is a good oil for the gearbox and as some have said perhaps not the best but is still a good oil for that purpose
    It is probably as good as you will get for the sportster transmission as the primary and gearbox share the same oil


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    Brian and Others;

    I even prefer it over Redline product in my 06 sportster.. It is wet clutch approved and like you said, "shared" with the clutch and the tranny compartment....

    Formula + is just great in EITHER tranny or primary in the TC and a MUST in our sportsters.

    Nothing as good in a TC tranny as Redline ShockProof...IMHO

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I decided to err on the side of caution and switched it out for a quart of Amsoil Extreme Gear Lube in 75/140.

    As many of you said, the Formula + would have most likely been fine, but I'm a little anal with my first Harley. I found a retailer today that carried Amsoil in stock and offered it at 20% off to prior service members. I got the Gear Oil for $14 when it retailed for $16.95.

    With this discount it makes the Amsoil 20-50 cheaper than what I can buy Mobil 1 V-Twin 20-50 at Wal-Mart for. I might have to try it on the next change. I ran the Amsoil 10-40 in my Voyager with good results.

    Right now, I'm running Mobil 1 V-Twin 20-50, Formula + in the primary and the Amsoil gear oil mentioned above in the transmission.

    I think the transmission might be just a tad quieter through all gears and it is a little easier to find neutral now.