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    Well guys here is the rundown...first of all, I bought a complete front end off eBay for a wide glide with single disc brake. It had black powder coated loeswers and all the internals unassembled with some 41mm tubes, alonf with a tree.

    I did not like the black legs and then decided wanted dual front discs, so I bought some lower legs off a 2002 Road king. I want to use the tubes for the dual disc model lower legs. But when I tried to assemble the first set I bought, one side went together no problem, the left side...the right was a different matter. It has a cartridge and when it was all together,,,it would not compress, now what I want to do is eliminate the cartrige and just go with springs...I think that is what harley has done with the new 09 and up bikes....the question is how do I get there without popping for a new front end? Ideas,,,, anybody else been there or done that??? i DO HAVE A COUPLE OF SPRING SETS , from an 09 ultra that was work with
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