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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by MBHD93, May 24, 2009.

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    Rode my 93 FXDL 1,000 miles from Oregon to Las Vegas and of all dumb things, I left my repair manual on the table at home. Sunday in service depts open. My lef fork is leaking out the top. I wiped everything clean, all the way down the fork. Went to buy some new fork oil, and there was oil on the tire right below the bottom of the fork. Cannot find any sort of leak there. Cleaned the fork again, few hours later some oil show up in same spot.

    Can someone please tell me how much oil is supposed to be in each fork. I know it is type E. My plan is to drain it, see how much is missing, fill it back up to proper amount and keep an eye on it during the trip home. Tomorrow.

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    Don't have the specs on it but I would drain the other side and measure that side and judge accordingly how much should be in the leaking side. It'll get you home till you can get the proper specs on it.
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    i think this info might be a bit to late for you
    9.2 fl.oz or 272 ml