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Fork Brace?


Can anyone tell me about these? I just bought a wide glide and it does not have a fork brace on it. Some have told me I should add one and others have said don't waste the money.

Any advice either pro or con would be great.


on all my bikes back to the early 60's if they were no good, why are they on all hi performance road bikes?
G'day nicko99,

Not having experienced them I cant give you an opinion. However if it were me, I'd ride my machine for a while to see how it feels, then if I had the need to I would perhaps have a brace fitted.

Hi Nick

Having just traded in my Dyna I can't say I have ever felt that there was a need for one of these braces.
Having said that I might not know what I have been missing.
All that aside .....even if you don't "need" it, being chrome, it is a nice shiny thing that wil not make your bike look less attractive. (just more to polish)
Take care.