For a Shovelhead FLH Classic of 1979

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  1. Pichilingo

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    Hi guys,
    I'd like to clarify some doubts, for example.
    1.a idle speed, I have to adjust the time.
    2. the mark of the front cylinder tdc not get to stay at the bottom of the hollow rear Carter left, this will be by compression or lack of.
    3. to adjust Keihin FLH model 1979 that steps should I follow.
    4. plugs have two color tones and achieve 3000 rpm not exceed 100 km / h. (65 or so mph).
    I enjoy my bike and I feel something is wrong. Please help.

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  2. Chopper

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    Welcome to the forum Pichilingo, back in the 70's the way we used to tune the carb's was to bolt a S&S on, a spper E would make life a lot easier, the old harley carb's were junk in my opinion.
    You might have a worn valve guide letting too much oil leak by in one cylinder, hard to say, you can do a leakdown test if you have the tools, also I don't have all the spec's maybe someone eles on the forum could be more help if they own a 79 shovel.
    What exactly does your bike do while riding to make you feel something is wrong?
    And if you have any pic's of your 51 and your 79 would like to see them.
  3. Pichilingo

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    Thanks Chopper for starting the debate, because I think it will not fine, I like to go 70 mph on motorways and I get the impression that the engine wants to explode, I think 3000 rpm is a lot to go at 65 mph, good for I had to change together because it leaked oil and had the cylinder exhaust valve stuck back, almost did not open, the grind the covers, pushers had 6 laps, and I've read that are 4 more or less, the carburetor clean it, to change the membrane pump, and I'm not sure you have done things right, so I want opinions, tngo knowledge of mechanics in general but not specific to this model.

    Thanks again.

    a few RPM adjusting the timing? no strobe gun, there is another way to adjust the timing more practical or tricks, the gun is a problem.


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  4. tkeswede

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    I had a new one just like you have there, same color everything. It will sound like that at 70 no matter what you do. I put in solid lifter noisy but gave a little more punch to it. We also drilled some 5/8 holes in the sides of air cleaner to help it breathe better. Make sure you don't do it behind the filter though. Nice ride!
  5. 59Panhead

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    plugs look like a bike I just worked on ! Most likly needs a good valve job with new oil seals and a ring job!
    When we fired the bike up and did all the adjustments took it for a ride and put 40 miles on it, did a plug reading and no more black on the plugs! In fack we had to go a step richer and there both burning a nice tan/ and light brown!
    All older Harleys leak oil but a good Old School Motor builder can fix most problems!
  6. Jack Klarich

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    No oil leaks if you build them right and use good gaskets and good mating surfaces. I built a lot of Pans and shovels that did not leak:s