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Foot Pegs



I've got a 1200R, and I've noticed that when I hit a sharp bump, it almost feels like the foot pegs are "loose". They don't seem to be loose, and there's no extra vibration when riding on smooth surfaces. It's hard to describe the sensation other than loose, kind of like the rear suspension is transmitting the bump through the pegs.

Any suggestions??

Year of bike? and Mileage?

Have you adjusted the shocks to try to minimize the ''loose foot peg' feeling?
You mentioned they don't 'seem to be loose'....but have you check the fasteners?
When you hit a 'sharp bump'.....what are your feet doing? If your feet are coming off the is kind of hard to know if the pegs are loose.

2007 1200R. Just got it. I had an older 1200R, and it didn't feel like this. I haven't adjusted the rear shocks as of yet. Should I try to increase preload?

My feet are planted on the pegs, the sensation seems to transmit through the pegs.