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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by leo13, May 24, 2011.

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    I own a 2008 FLHTCI and want to upgrade the exhaust system due to heat issues. I like the 2009 2-1-2 and have access to one my friend pulled off his bike. I spoke to the dealer yesterday to get a parts list (pan and bolts) and he recommended I do not make this change but instead go with a true dual system (V&H recommended) as my proposed change involved a lot of effort and expense.

    I know the rear wheel has to come off to change the pan, and I have to drill the transmission for 2 bolts. However, I have 15K on the rear tire so I'm changing that, and it's also time for an oil change so other than the transmission fluid, I'm really not out that much.

    The dealer (service department) also stated the 2-1-2 may not be the best way to reduce heat or keep power, and I can still use my Screaming Eagles. Is he correct?

    The only real reason I see to go to true duals instead is I may see a weight savings.

    I'd really like some input before I proceed. Thanks!
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    This may or may not apply but in my case the addition of that Gen 3 fueler made my heat issues go away. I realize that I won't see very many 90° days but my RK was pinging and popping from heat and it was Jan/Feb. Just unbelievable the change that modification made.
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    I have stage I and don't have any pinging even on 100 degree days. The heat I'm referring to is on the right side of the bike at knee and thigh level.
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    If it's that heat that you refer to, you may want to go to true duals which will eliminate most of the heat in that area . They will reduce your bottom end torque a bit but it's not that much and it's a trade off.

    Your heat is from the crossover section of the exhaust system.
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    After going to V&H true duels I can state that the heat on my right leg is gone. Not having the exhaust tube that runs from the rear cylinder down to the right exhaust has made a difference. I also have a sert which has been tuned to increase the fuel in the AFR.