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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mizzie46, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. mizzie46

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    hi all going for a ride 2 days ago with a mate, any ways fob jumped out of ignittion, on to highway, i pulled over left bike running just in case, found fob after playing with traffic:small3d012:it was stuffed. Any way had spare unprogramed fob on me, so i rode to local hd serice centre get problem solved.. the new fob wont assign to bike , new batterys in fob, used dealers fob wont accept either, followed all the usual percedures but nothing,dealer had bike hooked up to his program thingy but 3 hrs later nothing eventuated so i bypassed security system using the indicators..any one got any ideas
    kindest regards
  2. glider

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    If the dealer can't program it with their digital tech (assuming they know how properly) there has to be a problem with the alarm itself.

    Maybe try a different dealer as it is a dealer procedure only.
  3. dr robert

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    This reminded me to make myself try to read the 24 pages in my owners manual and make sure both of my fobs are working right. 24 pages for such a little thing! Thanks.
  4. mizzie46

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    yaeh thanks glider i was thinking that myself
  5. Chopper

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    mizzie46, in 04 should be a button FOB, like glider said maybe try another dealer, but you should be able to do it yourself unless you have a bad FOB? Here's the work book for the early system, may be some thing in to help????
    View attachment #159 The HD Factory Security System.pdf
  6. Rocket J.

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    I have button fobs for my '05 Electra Glide and will admit they cause me concern. I've heard far too many horror stories about alarm system problems to want anything to do with them. I wouldn't even have the secutity system, but the bike was a good deal and it already had it. I keep one of the fobs in my saddle bags just in case the system decides to self activate. I've never used it and never will if I don't have to to disarm it for some reason.

    mizzie46, help me learn something here. Is there a reason for keeping your key ring (fob attached?) in your ignition? I use my key just to lock or unlock my ignition and keep the key in my pocket. Is there a reason except for maybe personal preference for keeping it and the fob in the ignition while you are riding?
  7. BikeSAG

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    Guess this is why I decided not to go for this security option. Lock the ignition, lock the front forks, keep it in the garage when home, seems to work for me. Good luck figuring this out.
  8. rdglider

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    The real problem is if the spare fob is on the bike the alarm won`t arm...