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    New to this so I may ramble. Just split my first set of cases (never worked on a lower-end before). The flywheels were balanced by machining a grove and installing mercury filled tube. Well, the sealer that held that tube in came apart. Now to get to my question. I understand the principles of how that was used to balance the wheels, but what about the removal of metal (weight) from one wheel and not the other. Wouldn't the weight difference in the 2 flywheels be affected? I know (ok, think) that the sealer, tube w/ mercury would not equal the weight that was taken away. Another question would be, would the motor run (not just acceptable, but good) if I didn't have the balancing tube replaced?
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    You will probably have to have your crank balanced and trued. Before doing so, mic your bearing points (mains and connecting rods) to make sure that the crank is serviceable. Depending on what you find, might be cheaper to replace then fix.