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    The bike is 2009 Ultra. I have done 18k miles and the throttle still gets on my nerves. When starting from cold it immediately goes to about 1900 rpm and stays there for a bit then comes down in stages. The problem this gives, apart from the row and the fact that I am revving a cold engine, is that I try to move off out of my drive (which is a bit fiddly, so I hold the bike against the back brake and slip the clutch to achieve minimum controllable speed) and then the throttle (over which I have no control) is trying to bring the revs back up to 1900, so when I dip the clutch the thing revs it's head off.

    Has anyone found a way to bring the cold start revs down to say 11 to 1200 rpm, is it possible to reprogramme the thing or am I stuck with it.

    If you employed someone to drive for you and on starting a cold engine they held it at 2000 rpm you would sack them for mechanical abuse, why the (EDIT) HD have come up with this setup God alone knows. It's nothing but over complicated (EDIT) . There I've said it now and I'm not taking it back.

    These are not unconsidered comments, this is my 6th Harley Ultra. I believe they are brilliant bikes and I cover good mileage on them, but they are getting too complicated. Sure to meet emmission requirements they had to ditch carbs, like every other manufacturer, but to build in unnecessary complication is asking for trouble and expense once the warranty period is over. You can't fix it yourself so you end up at the dealers who will charge a lot for their specialised services. Can't fix ECU's so you end up with a new one, I dare not think how much that would be. Sensors, it's got more than the first space ship's had. I will have to stop or I will keep going for too long.

    What about the flap valve to meet the noise regulations, rubbish, why not just put big silencers on, 99% of buyers change them in the first 500 miles anyway for louder pipes, so why complicate things??

    Please feel free to comment, but I feel better already. Is it me, is everybody else happy with the current trend.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    One thing you can do, and maybe you already do this, is to make sure you let the bike idle for 5-10 seconds before shutting it down. This should at least calibrate the TPS to a closed throttle position.

    I have yet to have this problem with mine.
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    Most important on shutdown is to keep your hand OFF the throttle grip prior to shutting it off. It remembers the last setting as you shut it off. Check with your dealer , there was a download that dealt with this issue and the correction.

    08 High Idle Issue - Harley Davidson Community
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    when I installed a tts with a canned map the startup idle went back to a normal range, I used to drive me nuts how high it idled

    (09 ultra also)


    Hello y2kflhr,

    Thank's for your comments, excuse my ignorance but; what's a "tts with a canned map" and by normal range do you mean it ticksover at say 900rpm.

    So if I have a tts etc, it gets rid of the high tickover issues.


    Thank's for the info and direction to self help section, I will try to make sure I let it idle before turning off, although I don't think I rev it before turning off I will make sure I do not in future.

    Regarding the bulletin, I will copy this and take to the dealers to discuss with them!!
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