flt won't start warm

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    My 85 FLT doesn't want to start when it's warmed up. I crank it and smell fuel then it backfires out the exhaust, then it usually fires after that but runs like (EDIT)
    It seems to fire as I let off the starter button when it does start. When I do get it started it won't rev either. I checked the carb and the accelerator pump works fine. Checked for intake leaks too. The next morning cold it fires and runs fine. Coil breaking down? Also only showing 12.2 volts at the battery at about 2500 RPM. Anybody???????? Thanks!

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  2. Hoople

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    I really am surprised it cranks since your meter shows 12.20 volts at the battery @ 2500 RPM. Either your battery will be going dead soon or your meter is inaccurate. That issue is the first thing I would fix. Then go after the starting issue if it remains.
  3. Fossil

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    Hoople is dead on. Check that battery out. Also if you have the stock Khein butterfly carb. Take it off and toss it in the nearst metal bin. Those things were lousy when new and wore out quickly. Mine was a bear to start on a cold morning. Got an S&S E carb and love it.
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    Got to find the voltage issue first, I too am amazed it even starts let alone runs for any length of time