Flstn Passenger Seat/peg Woes!!!

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    I NEED HELP. I recently purchased a 07 soft tail deluxe and at first my wife didnt want to ride, but after some carefull prodding she gave in. We went on a 150 mile ride and she told me she wants a new seat. I am looking for a passengerand rider seat that is very comfy. Another problem is her hieght. she almost has to stand to sit on the bike. Is there a way I can get adjustable passenger foot pegs?
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    I am sure I have seen a adjustable footpeg bracket that bolts on to the stem where the original footpegs go. It is a rotational type with intermittent stops for adjusting on the passengers height. Only one thing I didn't like about it was the most forward position looked like it might interfere with the drivers brake foot. Might be the way the photo was taken. I can't remember whether it was Kuriyakan or not. Check with some of the third party accessoriy makers - there is something out there that might solve your problem. Good luck.
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    You can purchase a chrome bracket that mounts on fender strut to re-locate the passenger foot peg....

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    Harley make a replacement pillion seat that's about 3 times the area of the standard 'brick' seat.It fits 05-later FLSTN models with the original solo seat.
    It is also styled the same with that braided bit on the bottom.The H-D part no is52930-05.Punch that part no. into the accessories bit on the H-D website andsee what comes up.

    Harley also make adjustable pax.footboard mounting kits;but these aren't supposed to fit your bike.They do however,make a kit part no.50377-07 that fits 07-later FLSTN models and these are shaped exactly the same as the standard fitment rider footboards.This kit includes everything you need to mount the footboards.
    Maybe you could grab a 2008 parts catalogue and wander around through that.

    Hope some of this helps.