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    Hi all. We're going to Daytona again during bike week. Lookiing for fun stuff to see and do. Already been to Disney, and the Drags up in Gainsville, and the Keys. Anyone know of anything else? Concerts? Parties or events? Anywhere in Florida is fine. Would love to hear about your suggestions and expieriences. Thanks
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    Have you tried anything on the west coast? I live in the town of Suwannee down Hw349 and we have a great old Florida seafood rest. called Saltcreek. There are some great roads to ride a little south and north. South of Crystal River is Hw494, tight and twisty, with a great seafood rest at the town of Ozello. North down Hw19 to Hw51 will bring you to Steinhatchee and another seafood place called Roy's. Get a DeLorme Florida Atlas and Gazetter make sure it is a back roads edition and enjoy the back country of Florida.
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    How about Titusville, nice beach and the cape where they have the space museum