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    We are planning a trip this Feb on hauling our bikes down to Tampa area and cruising dow to Key West. any suggetions , tips, warnings , comment would be helpful in our planning.
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    got to visit the "No Name Pub". Its on "No Name Key" just off Big Pine Key. it's been arround since the '30's. check out the Key Deer, just don't feed them. they will lay on you if you let them. Sunset on 1 Duval Street is a must do. Check out the chickens in Key West and the 6 toe cats at Hemminway's place. Watch the traffic, remember, there is only one way in and one way out, and it gets clogged up very easy. You can spend several hours watching the Ocean from 7 mile bridge in a traffic jam. been there done that. have fun and bring us some interesting stories. ooooh!! you might want to check out the Manatee's at the power plant in Tampa. Don't remember how to get there but I am sure anyone there can direct you. If its cold there will be many hanging around in the warm water discharge from the power plant. be safe and have fun.
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    Surely Capital Jack will be advising on this one. Recently read several of his posts about said trip. If he doesn't post, PM him.
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    In Key West. Got to hang around Mallory Square at sunset. The sunset is gorgeous by itself. The entertainers are great. And it's about that time that the roosters disappear and the local feral cats come out. There are roosters everywhere until sundown then there are cats everywhere after sundown. Many good bars/grills to hit in Key West also. Hog's Breath, Captain Tony's and Sloppy Joe's for some. Caroline's has a fantastic shrimp PoBoy, Conch Republic is a very good seafood place. Half Shell Raw Bar and Schooner Wharf Bar are good too. Man, this is making me want to go back! Time to make plans.
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    So much to see and do in The Keys, Stop @ the 7 mile bridge, you can walk out on the old bridge and catch the sunset there too. On Marathon check out Sombrero Beach very nice, across the 7 mile bridge is Bahia Honda State Park one of the best beaches in the world, Key West is great, Check out The inn@ Key West, very nice place, Tropical setting 3420 North Roosevelt 305-294-5541 Enjoy your trip I try to go to the Keys every year never a cull moment, Capital Jack:s
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    all sound great, thanks everyone for your replys.

    Twisted Tornado M/C
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    check out "alligator alley" also known as the Tamiami Trail..you might find that a pleasant ride to the Keys.
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    Don't forget to go to the souhtern most point in the US, and get a picture at mile 0.
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    I love the Keys. Been down there a bunch of times by car. (My fiancee
    lives in Miami and I've been hanging out there regularly for 15 yrs).

    One of the things on my list was to ride the Harley to Key West and
    finally this last June I rode from Nebraska to Miami .. picked her up
    and on down the KW we went for a few days. We stayed at a B&B ..
    Curry Mansion Inn. Was really nice.

    You'll for sure have a good time there. Check out BO's Fish Wagon
    over around Caroline and William I think it is. Ugliest place I ever
    ate .. great food.