floorboards on a 2009 FXD

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    anyone know were i can get the parts( floorboards and equipment) for a 2009 FXD Dyna super glide, i was told that its impossible, i dont belive that one bit. ive seen that thiers alot of info out their on this subject, but still a little confused. any info would help
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    Here is the FXDP floorboard kit on my 2007 Street Bob. I needed to modify the shifter bracket to work with the heel/toe shifter, but other than that it was a direct bolt on kit. The shifter bracket did not bolt directly to the motor bosses as it did to the pre 06 motors. I have since changed out that ugly one piece shifter lever to slotted chrome replacements.

    You would first need to determine if there were any changes to the 09 frame in order to know if you can use these parts. The board brackets mount to the front and mid peg mounting holes. This is the critical measurement you need.

    The kit # was 50601-01 and as a whole is no longer available through Harley.
    But all the individual parts are available for purchase.

    I have the full parts list and instructions in pdf format if you want it. I believe that it is too large to post, but send me your email address and I'll email it to you.

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    ice62 , would you please also send it to my mail ? i have a 2008 fat bob and would realy like to have it on my bike , i`ll pm you my mail :)

    thx in adv :)
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    floorboards on a 2009 FXD Post

    Another alternative I found is a set of male mount floorboards from Preston Cycle that mount in your forward control footpeg mounts and run about $150.


    the nice thing about this setup is it allows you to quickly change between pegs and boards - boards for the long trips, pegs for in the city!
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    See the last 3 or 4 pages of this post.

    It is a very long thread on adding footboards to the dyna. The police dynas had footboards - no production after 2004. The foot board parts are still available. There is a complete parts list in the link above. I basically found a way to use a softail board on the left with a EGLIDE shifter kit from eglidegoodies.com It is a very clean install but not cheap to do. Well worth the money in my opinion. Approx 600 - 700 dollar range for all parts. Depends on what kind of discount you can get.

    This is instructions to use a heel toe shifter for an electra glide from eglidegoodies.com. This shifter mounts to the bottom of the footboard.

    Heel toe shifter installed and works great. The long linkage is 11.25 inches center to center, and the short one 4.25 inches. The softail footboard number is 50621-79A. I have included 2 photos. I used part number 33719-79B for the longer one. It is 5/16-24 thread. I cut 1.5 inches of and rethreaded the end. To install get all bolts started leaving very loose. Then tighten up the footboard mounting brackets. To make the plate drill the first 2 holes using the bracket. Once everything is dry fitted mark the third hole location on the plate. I had to bend the rear attachment location on the footboard forward about 1/8 inch to install. It was really very easy and I feel looks very clean and factory.

    Here is a complete list of all the parts you would need to do the footboards:

    PART PRICES ADDED - looked up on Zanotti's web site

    FROM THE J01921 parts list

    Item Description Part No.
    3 Socket head cap screw, self tapping (8) 3214 - 1.50@

    20 Left front footboard support 50529-01 - 50.76

    21 Left rear footboard support 50530-01 - 50.76

    22 Assembly, footboard (1) 50621-79A - 41.87

    23 Shoulder bolt, 1/4-20 x 1 (4) 50635-82A - 1.65@

    29 Lockwasher, 3/8" (8) 7045 - .29@

    31 Flange nut, 1/4-20 (4) 7716 - 1.10@

    7 Assembly,adjustable shifter rod 33719-79B - 16.07

    18 Assembly, right front footboard
    and brake pedal bracket 50521-01 - 50.76

    19 Right rear footboard support 50526-01 - 50.76

    22 Assembly, footboard (1) 50632-85 - 46.86


    1 Pin, Cotter 515 - .40

    3 Screw, 3/8-16 X 1 Torx 4059 - 1.93

    4 Washer 6099 - 1.10

    6 Washer 6516HW - 1.00

    7 Washer, 3/8 X 13/16 X 1/16 6701 - .08

    9 Nut 7744 - .55

    10 Nut 7827W - 1.12

    14 SHAFT, pivot 33689-02 - 28.93

    16 Pedal, Brake 33711-02 - 42.67

    17 WASHER, spring wave 34641-01 - 3.52

    26 Push Rod 41954-01 - 19.02

    29 Pad, Pedal 42416-83 - 3.74

    31 Pin, Clevis 42460-80B - 2.00

    Total of Harley parts (looked up and priced per Zanottis web site) - 439.21

    Shifter kit from EGLIDEGOODIES.COM - 199.99


    Metal plate per earlier posting to move left rear foot board bracket forward.

    Follow the instructions in J01921 - Torque of the bracket bolts (3214)is 37 foot lbs - Torque of the shoulder bolts (50635-82A) is 12 - 15 foot lbs - all other 17 - 20 foot lbs


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