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    I have ridden about 5 or 6 hours with my floorboard extenders from Harley Goodies installed so here's my review so far.

    The install went OK after I went out and purchased the proper sized allen wrench, I think it was a 3/8. My tool box only went up to around 1/4 inch. Instructions were very clear and all the parts are high quality. When doing the left side floorboard you are removing two of the four bolts holding the jiffy stand on so I felt more confident doing this on a lift with no weight on the stand. This is also the only bolt that gave me a REAL problem, bottom one you take out on the left hand side. Really hard to get at with fat, stubby fingers like mine. Took me 20 or 30 minutes just to get this bolt in.

    Riding with this product installed is noticeably more comfortable. I'm not going to rave that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread as I've seen elsewhere but it helps your feet rest in what seems to be a more natural position. Gives you a little more room in the shifter and brake pedal areas. The Harley Goodies version I installed moves your floorboards out 7/8 inch but not forward. This is fine for me since I'm 6 feet tall with a 32 inch inseam. If you're taller or have longer legs you may want to look into the extenders that move both out and forward. Harley and Kuryakyn both make these.

    Overall, I think these are WELL worth the money. Added comfort for under $50 and about an hour or two to install.
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    Had to buy the right hex key for my socket set, and used a 6 inch extension.
    Took a couple of rides to get used to the new position.
    But with size 13 boots and wide feet, it's much more comfortable for me.


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    Both posts match my experience. It is very nice not to ride with my right knee pressed against the air cleaner and my left foot banging the primary.

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    While a bit different, I added passenger peg adjustable mounts to the rear of my Sporty...though it can be used for floorboards/miniwings that use HD males mount. It basically is an adjustable HD male mount end to adjustable geared affair to "kickback" the passenger pegs up and back to give the rider more clearance when coming to a stop or walking the bike a bit while at the pump fueling. They are new in the 2010 Parts and Accessories catalog, rather expensive $150 MSRP, but may be discounted at Zanotti's or the like up to 20% off if you hunt around a bit. The installation is clean and well thought out.


    Here is a related thread for those looking into floorboard extenders for the rider and pictures...

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